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Hard hats, faceshields, winterliners, and more to keep your team comfortable and safe. 

Hard Hats and Face Protection Equipment

For contractors and government personnel in Hampton Roads, Parker Safety is your one-stop shop for all things safety. Our collection of hard hats and face protection equipment is second to none, available for in-store shopping or quick pick-up after ordering online. 

Why choose Parker Safety

With over 40 years of combined experience in the safety industry, Parker Safety is a brand you can trust.  Shop online for your commercial or personal safety equipment today, or stop by one of our Hampton Roads locations for our friendly, knowledgeable service.

Hard Hats

Different colors and textures to best match your preferences and the demands of your jobsite. 

Faceshields & Headgear

Cap mount adaptors, and various types of faceshields for use in all types of weather and working conditions. 


Work can’t stop just because it’s chilly outside. With our line of winterliners, your crew will stay comfortable even in cold temperatures.

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Hard Hats

Face Shields & Head Gear